I Can Has Cheezburger?


Moo. The cow is a versatile creature. From milk to steak and even cash, they can do it all. But you should definitely buy the cow, no milk is free, and there's no such thing as free lunch. Let out a hoot at these bovine jokes and puns that will have you mooing.

a heartwarming video about a horse and a cow becomign best friends } thumbnail includes two photos of the cow and horse playing together

Baby Cow Befriends Gentle Horse (Video)

Holy Cow!
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a video about Jenna the cow who lives on a farm animal sanctuary | thumbnail includes two photos of Jenna

Jenna The Cow Loves Her Forever Home (Video)

Hooman or Cow?
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12 images and videos embedded from instagram of buckley the highland cow | thumbnail left cow and goat, thumbnail right close up cow face buckley highland cow

Buckley The Insta Famous Highland Cow Steals This Week's Social Spotlight

Buckley has a penchant for grapes
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viral imgur thread about a British girl getting reunited with its plush cow after leaving it in Iceland | thumbnail includes a picture of a stuffed cow plush and a camera 'Young British girl reunited with her plush cow she left in Iceland BlinkAndImGoneForGood'

Young British girl Reunited With The Plush Cow She Left In Iceland

A whole adventure later, they were reunited <3
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tweets about cows getting stuck in things | thumbnail includes a picture of a cow stuck behind a pipe and one tweet 'Window - stuck cows only @wagyurach ... Here she is. my least favourite cow on the farm: 1:18 AM - Nov 19, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 1,636 Retweets 340 Quote Tweets 21.7K Likes'

Tweets Of Goofy Cows Getting Stuck: They Are Okay, Just Having A Bad Day

Mistakes have been made.
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11 fluffy cow images and cow meme | thumbnail left light brown fluffy cow, thumbnail right dark brown fluffy cow in field

Series Of Super Fluffy Cows After A Shampoo And Blow Dry

Full spa treatment
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List of 12 pictures of cows playing with dogs | Thumbnail left picture a cow and a dog running, right picture 6 cows staring down a dog

Doggo And Cow Friendship Is Udderly Cute: Awwdorable Photos of Dogs And Cows

Cattle cuties.
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18 cows sitting like dogs | thumbnail side by side cows sitting like dogs in fields

18 Cows Comfortably Seated Like Doggos

If I Fits I Sits
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video of cows getting to see grass for the first time this year | thumbnail includes a picture of cows running on grass

Awwdorable Cows Seeing Grass For First Time This Year (Video)

Who knew cows could be so awwdorable?
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farmers make earmuffs for cows to prevent frostbite | thumbnail two images of cows wearing earmuffs

Farmers Are Making Ear Muffs For Their Cows To Protect Them From Frostbite

Moo Muffs
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a list of adorable close-up photos of different animal noses | cute sleeping white cat with an adorable close-up photo of a piglet in a basket

Time To Boop The Snoot: Awwdorable Animal Noses

Blip blop bloop, who knew animal noses are this charming?
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cow and cat with same coat are best friends - thumbnail of cow and cat being affectionate

Cow And Cat With Same Coat Patterns Are Besties (Video)

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viral twitter thread about getting chased by a cow thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - samaira @knjpathy A COW STARTED CHASING ME MY HEART IS BEATING SO BAD 6:00 PM · Feb 13, 2021 · Twitter for Android 7,487 Retweets 2,519 Quote Tweets 136.6K Likes'

Twitter User Gets Chased By A Cow (Viral Thread)

Terrifying...but also hilarious.
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She's the cutest!

tweet by Vegan 6ix God @VEGASHI269 Just washed my cow, tell her she's cute pics of a baby cow in a bathtub and wrapped in a towel
street artists paint cows around the world as a message of unity | hashtag WORLDCOW black and white graffiti of a cow on a road near a pavement

World Cow Project Asks Street Artists Around The World To Paint Cows As a Message Of Unity

World cow project
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cow cute cuddling new york animals - 9069829

Luxurious B&B In New York Offers Visitors To Relax By Cuddling a Cow

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