Son Requested Cat Pics To Cheer Up His 96-Year-Old Mother In Isolation

This is some Grade-A wholesomeness right here! Seriously, it's doesn't get more wholesome than this. 

Bob Hayes revealed on Twitter that his 96-year-old mother has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and is quarantined in her nursing house. And in a beautiful and heart-filled effort to keep his mother's spirit up, he turned to Twitter. 

Hayes' mother loves cats, he reveals, and has kindly requested users to share images of their cats so he can print them out and hang the images up on his mother's nursing home window. 

We're sure he wasn't expecting the plethora of images that followed but we can only hope this spread endless cheer to his mother. 

The ICH team is wishing Hayes' mother a quick and speedy recovery!

wholesome cats twitter thread aww kindness love wholesomeness tweets | Bob E. Hayes @bobehayes My 96-year-old mom tested positive Covid_19. She's got cough and slight fever. Her nursing home is under quarantine can now only see her through her window request. She loves cats. Please send cute cat pics and 'll print and paste them her window. Thanks. 1:01 AM Mar 22, 2020 Twitter Android
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