I Can Has Cheezburger?


15 screenshots of a reddit thread where a 17 year old shared they reported their neighbors for animal abuse | Thumbnail includes the title and a screenshot from the post 'I just reported my neighbors for dog abuse and I could go to court as a witness. I am only 17, so I am terrified... but I feel I'm doing the right thing. I decided to report this since it isn't the first time I've seen them abuse their dog (though this is the worst.) After calling around several places (SPCA, animal cruelty'

Brave 17-Year-Old Reported Animal Abuse But Is Now Afraid To Go To Court

If you witness animal cruelty, report it to your local animal control
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Ducks in a Rural French Village Won Court Case And Can Keep On Quacking

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court movies deer bambi punishment - 7369221

Deer Poacher Received An Unusual Punishment Of Having To Watch "Bambi" Monthly n Prison

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a photo of judge judy holding another photo of a white small dog that is in question - cover for a story of a couple in a custody battle for their dog

Stern Judge Judy Lets A Dog Decide Who The Rightful Owner Is And It's Too Cute!

There's no compression of the love there is between a loyal dog and his loving owner. As any pet parent will attest, their love is something that cannot be matched or explained. This was even more so true when Judge Judy decided to put it to the test.
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What a Meowsterpiece

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Should I Bring Flowers?

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A Dog Owner Receives a Summons Requesting His Pet Report to Jury Duty

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Just Tell My Loved Ones I'll be Gone...for About 20 Years

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Kitteh knows her Miranda rights!

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Mittens and Fluffy

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See You in Court

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Yes, Your Honor!

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I hate court appearances.

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And do you see

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