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Behind Prison Walls Cats And Inmates Rehabilitate Each Other

Today we'd like to shine a spotlight on a very special program based at the Pendleton Correctional Facility of Indiana in which inmates are able to care for cats and receive all the therapeutic goodness that goes along with it. "Cats can't judge men on their wrongdoings. They cannot gauge the gravity of crime, and cannot judge the ink on people's skin. Cats are unable to distinguish between street clothes and prison uniforms ā€“ā€“ and that's exactly what makes the relationship between the men at Pā€¦
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i meen boops

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I'd Love You Even If You Were!

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It's nawt a doll!

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Of Course I'm A Fish

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Nawt up to kode

accident caption captioned cat ceiling cat correction fyi - 5009026816
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PIGS in a blanket

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you spelt it rong

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