Artist Creates Relatable And Eye-Opening Illustrations

Cicada, a beautiful illustration series by the talented Shaun Tan.

Cicada is the story of an insect working in an office (much like a lot of us), and trying to make it through the day surrounded by people who simply do not care. Shaun Tan writes on his website that Cicada is, "a very simple 32-page picture book about the unspoken horrors of corporate white-collar enslavement... or is it? You never can tell what a bug is thinking."

Here are 10 pages of Cicada and we're already itching for more! 

You can also follow Shaun Tan's work on Instagram

life cicada shaun tan art amazing powerful meaning bugs | illustration of a cicada wearing a grey suit and a tie and holding a piece of paper, while surrounded by papers on the floor
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