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Coronavirus, no we don't mean when you drink one too many cervesas. Covid-19 has turned the 21st century on it's head, thrusting the world into facing an incredible challenge unlike one most of us have seen in our lifetimes. So why not laugh about it, it's healthier.

Animal comics | drawing illustration shark sitting in an inflatable kiddie pool PEOPLE HAVE BEEN USING SOCIAL DISTANCING ON YEARS | NOW who's weird wanting spend each day hiding box? INGWERSEN orange cat in a cardboard box

Animals Dealing With The Current Rough Days (Comics)

Animal comics
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Cats in ties | Munya @WanderinVoyager 17 Mar Replying WanderinVoyager Prepping his 11 AM #QuarantineCats 27 27 159 pic of a black cat wearing a red tie

Cats in Ties Is The New Dress Code For Cats Working From Home

Cats in Ties
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cat pov tweets | t7 Larry Cat Retweeted Larry Cat @Number10cat While understand this is troubling time everyone, at least not one cough away 14 days locked inside with Boris Johnson 11:14 am 17 Mar 2020 Twitter iPhone 2.3K Retweets 15.5K Likes

Larry The Cat Tweets His Thoughts About The Worldwide Crisis

Cat's thoughts about coronavirus
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Animal Center Offers Free Pet Food | AniMeals Relief ASSISTANCE PROGRAM DISABLED PET OWNERS AniMeals Helping Keep Pets Fed During COVID-19 Li nula

Heartwarming: Animal Center Offers Free Pet Food To People Who Lost Their Jobs

Animal Center Offers Free Pet Food
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funny cat comics about the corona | cartoon drawing of two cats discussion LIE DOWN ON HIS CHEST MAKE SURE HE DOESN'T GO ANYWHERE S LITTLE MOVE CALL QUARANTABBY NEED HELP. Patreon.com/ScottMetzgerCartoons METZGER

How Cats Are Dealing With The Corona Crisis According To Scott Metzger (Comics)

cat comics
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Wildlife Animals Are Roaming The Streets During Coronavirus Quarantine | group of deer walking down the pavement in an empty deserted street in Japan

Wildlife Animals Are Roaming The Streets During Coronavirus Quarantine

Wild animals invading cities
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Photos of cats peeking | a grey cat looking out of a window around the side of the building | cat sticking its nose and peeking one eye out of a narrow hole in a cardboard box

When Cats Practice Social Distancing But Still Have To See What's Going on Outside

Cats peaking
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Cool DIY Projects You Can Do For Your Cat With All Those Toilet Paper Rolls | brown fuzzy furry cat sitting in the middle of a castle made from toilet paper rolls glued together to form a circular wall

Corona Time: DIY Projects For Your Cat With Toilet Paper Rolls

DIY projects
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Curious Zelda Is Back With Funny Insights About The Current Corona Days | Curious Zelda @CuriousZelda People Internet Please don't believe hype! Instead buying toilet roll Just use tongue wipe 212 cute black and white cat with large round eyes licking its nose

Curious Zelda Is Back With Funny Insights About The Current Corona Days

Curious Zelda about corona
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A corona case

woman yelling at a cat meme | coronavirus pun | you're not sick i have a case of corona beer
Via Cats On Catnip
funny cats in quarantine | tweet by logan modine gandalf isn't sure about having people around all day #quarantinecats pic of a chonky grey and white cat loafing sitting on its paws

With Their Humans Being Constantly At Home, Cats Have Varied Reactions (Tweets)

Cats in Quarantine
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Penguins roaming freely in the aquarium | two penguins wandering by an abandoned information desk in an empty building after being released by their caregivers

Penguins Roam Freely In The Chicago's Aquarium After It Was Closed Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak

Penguin party
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cat memes about the coronavirus | MY CAT JUST CAME HOME WITH 24 BAGS KITTY LITTER. Time stop this nonsense.

Coronavirus Memes: The Cat Edition

coronavirus cat memes
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We have finally figured it out

tweet by sam geraci the world health organization (who) announced that dogs cannot get covid-19 dogs can be released from quarantine i guess you could say that who let the dogs out
Via I waste so much time
information about how animals can be affected by coronavirus

Expert Explains Whether Cats Or Dogs Can Spread The Coronavirus

Pets and coronavirus
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otter comic coronavirus infographic helpful | art comic illustration drawing OTTER WAY LIFE Coronavirus: Am overreacting Anxiety robert..otter few days ago went Supermarket buy rice my family. And this happened. CASHIER Then started receive MANY panicky messages about virus robert..otter

'Robert The Otter's Insightful Guide On How To Handle The Coronavirus Anxiety

Helpful and insightful!
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