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a marvellous dump of corgi memes | thumbnail includes text saying 'Roses are red, violets are grey, I'm a dog' and 'Look at my  butt'

A Cute Corgi Meme Dump

A cute corgi meme dump.
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pictures and memes of corgi butts | thumbnail includes a meme of corgi butts versus loaves of bread and a picture of buns in the shape of corgi butts 'Food - POPSUGAR This Bakery in Japan Makes Corgi Butt Buns Filled With Jam or Custard, and Oh My God'

Corgi Butt Appreciation: Only The Sqooshiest And Floofiest

ONLY the sqooshiest and floofiest.
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twitter thread proving that corgis crossed with other dog breeds just look like corgis in disguise - thumbnail includes two images, one of a corgi dalmation mix and a corgi australian shephard mix

Corgis Crossed With Other Dog Breeds (Twitter Thread)

All corgis are simply the cutest
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cute corgi butts booties butt aww cute adorable fluffy floofy dogs doggos pups animals

Corgi Booties Make The World Go Round

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corgi butts leggings clothes etsy animals dogs booties | women modeling two pairs of leggings one blue and one black both with a print on the backside cartoon art corgi fluffy dog butt booty funny merch pet owners gifts

Corgi Butt Leggings Are A Real Thing

No animal booty is safe
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tweets funny corgis royal - 9345082112
Via @youngvulgarian
umbrella christmas gifts calendar icanhascheezburger mugs Cats corgis Xmas - 7333125

The ICanHasShop Is Officially Open And You Can Now Order Some Pawesome Goodies!

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corgi dog memes

15 Tumblr Posts About Corgis That Are Just Too Cute To Miss

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corgi meet up

More Than 150 Corgi Meet-up in Vancouver And It Will Make You Super Jealous

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adorable corgi pics

15 Things That Make Corgis Happy

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Celeb Dog

Funny dog meme of a Corgi with a huge butt and we shall call him Kim Corgdashian
Via Bored to death
the queen and her newest adopted corgi

Queen Elizabeth Has Added A New Member To The Royal Family, And He's Adorable!

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But Can Your Dog Army Crawl to a Treat?

Via 5i9xhh
california beach corgi Video corgis - 81147137

Tons of Dogs Took Over a California Beach for Corgi Con 2016

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Whoa, Bro! I Just Wanted A Hug!

gifs Cats corgis - 8423604992
Created by mamawalker

Over 50 Corgis Invaded the Beach in Toronto

cute dogs corgis Over 50 Corgis Invaded the Beach in Toronto
Via @kimchithecorgi
Cherry Beach Dog Park in Toronto may never be the same after the mayhem that ensued at this event organized by the Greater Toronto Area corgi owners group. Via @otimus_prime_ Sure things look civilized at first glance but just watch the insanity in action. A video posted by monica (@monicaddomingos) on Aug 9, 2015 at 7:10pm PDT Deplorable. Any attempts to get the situation under control were thwarted by the sheer enormity of the corgi horde's cuteness. Via @browniethecorgis
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