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Interesting Questions About Cats Answered By Cool Infographics

Cat people have been known to whip out cat facts at parties, along with a steady and endless stream of pictures of their own cats.  

So, if you happen to be the guardian of one or three or ten of these adorable furry weirdos, you'll be sure to enjoy these cat infographics featuring answers to some of the most interesting questions.   

Infographics about cats | WHY DOES MY CAT STARE AT Thirsty or Hungry Cats prefer rest Curiosity Kitty wants know are doing warm areas Feeling Aggressive or Defensive Kitty feels insecure Reading Movement and Moods Kitty wants understand Show Dominance Love and Affection Kitty is trying dominate Kitty loves Needs Help Kitty may be hurt Nothing Kitty staring no reason COOLCATSTREEHOUSE
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