I Can Has Cheezburger?


Cookies are life. Especially if you're Cookie Monster. Take a dip and a nice big bite of these delicious cookie puns and jokes.

DIY recipe delicious catnip cookies for cats

DIY Recipes: Make Delicious Catnip Cookies

Yummy cookies for your feline friends!
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cats cookies funny video animal aww adorable cute youtube video

Cute Cat Breaks Into Tupperware To Taste Every Cookie (Video)

The cutest 'Cookie Monster'
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cookie monster tweets

Eat, Tweet, Repeat: Our Favorites Cookie Monster's Tweets

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Why You Bake Me?

cat is staring at a cat shaped cookie
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WoW art list food cookies - 1711877

17 Delicious Cookies That Are Works of Art

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struggle funny Video cookies - 356359

The Cookie Struggle is Real For This Snack-Loving Doggo

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baking dessert food Video cookies - 354823

Watch Melted Butter and Shortbread Transform Into a Delicious Cookie Cheesecake

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art list cookies - 1468677

You Wouldn't Dare Eat This Tasteful Oreo Art, Would You?

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baking coffee food Video cookies - 344583

These Cookies Made With Coffee Grounds Are a Yummy Treat That'll Wake You Up

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baking recipe food Video cookies - 342279

We're Drooling Over These Cookies That Are Basically Just Mini Apple Pies

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baking space animals cookies food - 1377285

These Gorgeous Animal Constellation Cookies Are Simply out of This World

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Delivering the baked goods

cat caption cookies saying nip not - 8994657792
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Bitter irony

cat milk eaten mice caption last cookies - 8977614080
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Hamster Adorably Learns Not to Steal From a Dog

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Aren't The Cookies Ready YET?!

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jump Video cookies - 77457921

Someone Wants Some Cookies

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