I Can Has Cheezburger?


2 TikTok videos of cats watching their owner eat a bowl of cereal and tilting their heads | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of grey and white cats tilting their heads as their human eats cereal

Head Tilts And Tons Of Cat Confusion As Hooman Devours A Bowl Of Cereal

So... you're not going to share?
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tweets about pets being confused by normal human things thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Ron Iver @ronnui_ Do dogs understand elevators or are they just like ok it's time to get into the world changer 6:06 PM - Feb 21, 2021 Twitter for Android 57.3K Retweets 1,348 Quote Tweets 635K Likes'

Funny Tweets About Pets Confused By Human Things (Mostly Dogs)

*adorable confusion intensifies*
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tumblr thread about cats being confused by watching bird videos thumbnail includes two pictures of a black cat watching a laptop screen including one where the cat is super surprised 'Rectangle - muckkles Follow i pulled up this video on youtube that was like 8 hours of birds for cats to watch and i sat my cat in front of it and i didnt think shed be interested cuz she never watches tv or anything but she is Hypnotized Cat - she accidentally paused the video 101-1-'

Tumblr Thread: Cats Confused By Bird Videos

How. do. I. catch. the. biiiiiiiiiiiiiird.
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the ninth entry of meowmoirs diary of a cat about the cat and the human baby starting their life together and the cat starting to train the baby thumbnail includes a picture of a baby and a cat cuddling as well as the name of the entry and a quote from it 'Photo caption - Meowmoirs: Training the Baby December 4, 2020 "It has been weeks, and they have yet to even start teaching the human baby to lick itself!"'

Meowmoirs: December 4, 2020 Training the Baby

Unclear why the humans are keeping it in a cage...
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Hammies Are Friends, NOT Food!

accident acting like animals afraid cheerios Command confused confusion dwarf hamster hamster name order pun shouting spoon stop warning - 4673253376
Created by Unknown

Does Your Dog Have a Similar Name?

confusion names funny - 7812985856
See all captions Created by DeeMcNeil

What Are You?

confusion baby pugs what are you mastiffs - 6976337152
See all captions Created by Unknown

Existential Anguish: What Really Killed the Dinosaurs

crisis confusion existential crisis existentialism dinosaurs - 6792128000
Via Philosophize With Him

Maybe You Should Have Been More Specific

bear confusion order specific - 6604632320
See all captions Created by BILLYKID

So When You Said Stallion...

mix up laughing horse confusion - 6577296384
See all captions Created by Unknown

So Get to Stinging

bee boxing confusion float hummingbird saying - 6566556416
See all captions Created by Miao-Fu

So I Guess It's My Fault for Not Clarifying

army ass confusion donkey pun - 6478266624
See all captions Created by Heyguru

This is Gonna Be Good

calm down confusion - 6321640704
See all captions Created by ohiofunnyman

Are You Sure This is What They Meant?

buffalo confusion home house literally song watching TV - 6214064896
See all captions Created by stewart54

Bambi's Eyesight is Going in His Old Age

bambi blind cat confusion deer eyesight rabbit wth - 5790976000
Created by DyannLynn

You're Probably a Terrible Driver Anyway

amphibian annoyed car insurance confusion frog indignant - 5791521280
See all captions Created by Unknown
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