I Can Has Cheezburger?


twitter thread of cats and kittens interacting with computers | thumbnail includes two pictures of kittens sitting on laptops and one tweet 'Computer - francis / pluto ^ @rapturerays thread of cats on puters because i have a vast collection and the world needs to see them out of context cats @contextkittens shh he concentrating 11:32 PM Jun 25, 2021 7:22 PM · Aug 22, 2021 - Twitter for Android 20.9K Retweets 864 Quote Tweets 87.6K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Cats Sitting On Compurrters

Their own purrsonal heater.
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tumblr thread about cats being confused by watching bird videos thumbnail includes two pictures of a black cat watching a laptop screen including one where the cat is super surprised 'Rectangle - muckkles Follow i pulled up this video on youtube that was like 8 hours of birds for cats to watch and i sat my cat in front of it and i didnt think shed be interested cuz she never watches tv or anything but she is Hypnotized Cat - she accidentally paused the video 101-1-'

Tumblr Thread: Cats Confused By Bird Videos

How. do. I. catch. the. biiiiiiiiiiiiiird.
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cats discuss what happened to the keyboard - thumbnail of two cats talking "Okay, I'm off. Where to? The keyboard. The computer is finally back from the lab"

Cats And Their Keyboard Adoration (Comic)

In collaboration with Ilana Zeffren
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pictures of cats sitting on and near laptops thumbnail includes two pictures including a laptop surrounded by cats and kittens and another of a kitten standing on a laptop and playing with it

Warm Cats On Laptops Taking Online Classes Too

you haven't been paying enough attention to them lately
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the sixth entry of meowmoirs diary of a cat about the cat's reaction to tvs laptops and phones thumbnail includes a picture of a cat laying its head on a laptop the name of the entry and a quote from it 'Cat - Meowmoirs: The Light Squares November 13, 2020 The more effective way of using it would be to indeed sit CANHAS CHEEZ BURGER on it... It keeps my behind wonderfully toasty.'

Meowmoirs: November 13, 2020 The Light Squares

TV, computer, phone... they're all confusing.
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Photos of hacking cats | funny silly pic of two cats squeezed together taken from a low angle as they accidentally activate the laptop web camera

Cats Caught in the Act Trying to Open Phones (Photos)

Hacking cats
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catproof your keyboard, catproofing keyboard

Catproof Your Keyboard With Brilliant Ideas By Cat Owners

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Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.

cat computer cat photos Cats funny - 9221279744
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a photo of two different pictures of two different cats but both sleeping or sitting on keyboards of a computer and therefore not letting there owners work

20 Cats That Have Taken Over Your Computer Keyboard

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computer science explanation laptop Cats obsessed keyboard - 5476613

Apparently, There Is a Scientific Explanation For Why Your Cat Is Obsessed With Your Laptop

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a funny list of cat hackers

These Cat Hackers Were Caught Red Handed

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My day just isn't complete if I can't spend some qualitytime on my computer

cat spending some time physically on the computer
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kitten help computer meow Cats Video - 84605185

Cat Tries to Save Meowing Kitten From "Inside" the Evil Computer

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laptop Cats pets computer - 1173509

What Is It About Laptops That Makes Them So Irresistible to Cats?

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Almost There!

animals cat caption computer lap mine more two - 8812047104
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Sound Good?

computer caption Cats mouse - 8810738944
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