Silly But Heartwarming Stories Of Cats Acting Compassionate

Whoever said that cats are not compassionate clearly doesn't know what they're talking about. Cats are incredibly compassionate, they just do it in a different way than what you are perhaps used to. 

Our amazing, animal-loving users on Facebook shared their stories about things that their cats do or ways in which they behave that are clearly loving and caring, and we thought it was only right to share these stories with you, so that you can see just how amazing cats are. These stories are insanely heartwarming but also somewhat silly at the same time. Because no matter how loving cats are, they are silly little furballs at heart. 

If you have your own heartwarming but stilly pet story to share, come talk to us on our Facebook group: ICanHas Storytime.

Facebook posts about cats being compassionate thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Julie Pieper I had a long haired guy who had a lot of hair balls, no matter how often we brushed him. Any time I threw up, he was right there, paw on my leg, in hilarious sympathy and solidarity (I always tried to soothe him when he barfed). I swear if he could have, he'd have held my hair back for me. 54 Like · Reply · Message 1d'
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Editor's Note: This video contains somewhat graphic imagery of a fatally wounded dog.

Animal control officers in La Puenta, CA are seeking the owner of (or a new home for) a brave two-year-old Labrador who refused to leave the side of her companion, another dog who had been struck and killed by a car.

According to the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control, Grace was "laying in the street next to another dog, which was motionless and had suffered obvious head trauma."

Grace has been moved to a local shelter, with the hopes that, if her owner does not turn up, she will be quickly adopted into a loving home.

According to the video uploader, the people filming this video "risked their lives walking out into traffic to put up traffic cones... and called for help." They were not in any way involved with the original accident, said to be a hit-and-run.

Though incredibly tragic, it is touching to see Grace's extreme compassion and care. It is something that, obviously and unfortunately, not all humans possess. We hope Grace is welcomed into a suitably amazing home.