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And so the mouse fell in love with the cat...

best of the week better cat comparison fell Hall of Fame love meme mouse still story twilight - 5942195456
See all captions Created by kittahkiwi


adorable caption captioned cat comparison cute feet human not question why - 5868453120
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Reader Squees: Chickzilla

Babies baby chick chicken chicks comparison difference giant Hall of Fame quail reader squees size - 5797975296
Created by Cowgirljules

Acting Like Animals: STANDING CONTEST!!!

acting like animals comparison contest contrast difference Owl owlet owlets owls standing Staring - 5808301568
Via Paul Fernandez

Ain't No Shake Like An Elephant Shake

comparison elephant gifs shake shaking superior - 5769332480

Interspecies Love: No, I'm Fluffier!

arguing Babies baby bunny cat comparison fighting Fluffy friends friendship Hall of Fame Interspecies Love kitten rabbit - 5734570240
Via Tindink

Okay, so we're both chubby.

ability baby best of the week both can caption captioned cat chubby clean comparison Hall of Fame - 5710186240
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Zen always feels

always better caption captioned cat comparison feels looks meditating meditation zen - 5699272192
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This Is Warmer

best of the week better caption captioned cat comparison do want laptop like this warmer - 5689529088
See all captions Created by Rage-Maker

The World's Smallest Vertebrate

comparison frog Hall of Fame size smallest tiny - 5690136576
Via Neiture

Squee Spree: Let Me Tell You a Tail...

baby coendou comparison porcupine pun squee spree superior tail - 5672705280
Via Ric


acting like animals amazed awe beautiful cat comparison do want food Hall of Fame noms sandwich - 5647982848


asleep baby comparison floofy impression Owl owlet poofy sleeping squee spree - 5592176384


adult baby cat comparison difference growing up kitten now progress reader squees size stuffed animal then time - 5579318784
Created by teddydoll10


bunny comparison curious happy bunday inquisitive rabbit Staring - 5605166848


baby cheetah comparison cub flavor nomming noms pun taste tasting toe - 5587939584