I Can Has Cheezburger?


Love Isn't a Competition! At Least When Pets are Involved. The Cat Will Always Win.

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Everybody Loves Pizza. It's a Fact.

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What About Elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon Tea? Dinner? Supper? She Knows About Them, Doesn't She?

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Never Expect Sympathy from a Cat

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How to Make Friends and Influence Cats

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The State of the Internet: As Told Through Cats

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If Cats Could Talk, What Would They Say?

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That's a Deal I Can Definitely Live With

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Cats Make Lousy Genies

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Narwhals are Way Better at Fencing Than They Are at Playing With Beach Balls

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Sometimes Life's Greatest Battles are in Your Mind

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Hooray for Introverts!

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Food Permanence is a Major Issue with Cats

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Happy Champagne Day!

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Someone Needs to Explain the Rules Again

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