I Can Has Cheezburger?


2 TikTok videos and three comments about a grandma that bonded with her granddaughter's cat after her husband passed | Thumbnail includes three screenshots of a grandma sitting and cuddling a cat 'My Grandmother moved in with me and my family after losing my Grandfather and not liking living alone. She didn't really care for cats! Now these two have become best friends'

Elderly Woman Who Didn't Care For Cats Finds Comfort In Her Granddaughter's Cat After Her Husband's Passing

Their instincts are unmatched
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collection of stories about pets comforting their humans | thumbnail includes a picture of a curled up cat and one Facebook comment 'Organism - Isabelle Doiron In January I nearly died. I had to have a blood transfusion and medication adjustments. I was bedridden for nearly 3 weeks. My mom and her husband came to take care of me. Loki never left my side.. He's never really been an affectionate cat in his nearly 14 years, but since January he's the neediest, cuddliest boy... He will catterwall'

Heartwarming Moments Of Pets Comforting Their Humans (Mostly Cats Being Awwdorable)

Wholesome moments for some extra awws.
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Facebook comment about ways in which pets show their owners they love them thumbnail includes one picture of a cat cuddling a girl 'Facial expression - Elly McCarthy Whenever I'm upset, Sakura is always all over me. She will purr and paw at my clothes until I let her snuggle with me. She's my baby, and I guess you can say she's kind of my emotional support cat except she's not certified and I don't take her anywhere. She always like to try to get as close as possible to me. OD 156'

ICanHasCheezburger Users Share Wholesome Ways Their Pets Comfort Them

They just know when we need love and affection.
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kitten stuffed dragon vet aww cute adorable comfort animals

Sweet Kitten Takes Stuffed Dragon To The Vet For Comfort

Way too precious
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black cat disabled clinic support comfort amazing cats helpful animals | cute black cat paralyzed rear legs sitting like a person on top of its back legs in front of a cage housing a dog

Disabled Cat Goes Around Vet Clinic To Comfort Other Sick Animals

Black cat magic at it's finest
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video of a cat comforting a crying girl

This Cat Is Trying To Comfort A Crying Girl And It’s So Sweet!

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veterinarian comfort Cats Video - 384775

This Sweet Kitty Comforts Other Animals While They're at the Vet

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cat loved comfort outside caption home - 8978027520
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Hugs Will Fix Anything

animals cat mama kitten comfort caption - 8558777344
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Should Exercising be This Comfortable?

exercise comfort Cats - 8216241152
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There, There...I'll Find Your Mom!

KISS friends comfort rescue - 7997820160
By Unknown

Maybe You Need a Good Belly Rub...That Always Helps Me

Awkward cute comfort cry - 7985089024
By Unknown

The Best Comfort Habit Ever!

Cats cute comfort paws - 7960647168
By Unknown

I Want to be Big Now!

brave Cats comfort kitten mom - 7951880960
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That's What Mama is For

Babies kitten mama comfort Cats - 7892210432
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You Know You Want to Turn the Water On and See What Happens

comfort sink lying down lynxes Cats - 7032010752
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