I Can Has Cheezburger?

close up

pictures of dogs sniffing cameras up close thumbnail includes two pictures of fogs sniffing cameras with their snouts filling up almost the entire frame

Closeup Snout Shots Of Curious Doggos

sniff sniff sniff
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pictures of cats getting up close and personal with cameras thumbnail includes two pictures including a white kitten sniffing a camera and another cat getting close to the camera

Up Close And Personal With Some Curious Kitties

Curious Cat Mode - Activated
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GoPro close up octopus Video - 375047

This Footage of a Camera Getting Too Close to an Octopus Will Totally Suck You In

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cute animals

This Photographer Gets up Close and Personal to Wildlife and the Results Are Breathtaking

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Get a Look at These Ears!

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Soft Paws, Loud Snores

close up Cats sleeping - 9006647296
Via fairyoathen
close up hedgehog curious Video - 84604929

Hedgehog Gets up Close and Personal With a Camera Lens

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Nosey Close-Up

nose close up Cats - 8998429696
Via emoposer
doe close up deer Video - 82745601

Get up Close and Personal With a Beautiful, Wild Doe

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up close dog pics

Photographer Gets up Close and Personal With Her Dog Through a Camera Lens

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Feed me?

close up Cats - 8821136896
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The ultimate nap

close up napping Cats - 8966557184
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Up Close Cat Face

close up Cats - 8966229504
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"I would like to boop your camera"

boop close up Cats - 8966180096
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Baxter was ready for his close-up!

close up Cats - 8822003712
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I'm Reddy for Mai Close Up

cute close up - 8302054912
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