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Hilarious pics of cats that weren’t ready for their close up | thumbnail includes two images one image shows a surprised wide-eyed mouth open cat ‘Show my your funny closeups of cats please?’, the other image shows a close up wide-eyed cat

22 Hilarious Pics Of Cats Who Were Not Ready For Their Close Up To Make You Laugh out Loud In The Office

Some of them will probably make you snort a little too
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27 Extremeowly Close Up Kitty Pics to Pop Your Purrsonal Bubble

Tickly whiskers and gentle sniffing
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28 close up pictures of cats in Reddit comments | Thumbnail includes two pictures of zoomed in cats with their tongues out

28 Purrfectly Zoomed In Cat Pics Showing Hilarious Close-Ups Of Cuteness And Seriously Silly Cattitude

Up close and purrsonal
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Up Close and Paw-sonal: 32 Fancy Felines Who Don't Know Boundaries

Feisty felines who've popped their hooman's personal bubble
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37 close up pictures of cats

Comedic, Contemplative, Close-Up Pictures Of Cunning Cats You Didn't Know You Needed For A Better Day

Closeeee uppppp
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pictures of cat noses | thumbnail includes two pictures including a close up of a grey cat's nose and a close up of two white cat's noses

Sniffing Out The Competition: 20 Pictures Of Cute Cat Noses

The Nose Knows
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close up pictures of cats | thumbnail includes two pictures including a grey cat looking to the side and a ginger cat up close

Up-Close-and-Purrrsonal: 20 Cat Close-Ups To Make You Feel Like You're Right There with Them

You can see every individual hair on their cute little face!
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40 pictures of cats up close | thumbnail left and right close up cat pictures

40 Humorous Up Close & Purrsonal Pictures Of Cats To Inspire A Full Bellied Chuckle

Purrfectly silly
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12 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people posted up close pictures of their cats sitting on their chests and staring at them | Thumbnail includes an up-close picture of a tabby cat and a picture of a cat sitting on a mans chest wearing a red shirt

Cats Park Themselves 5cm Away From Their Owners' Face To Watch Them Up Close And Purrsonal

Personal space? Never heard of her
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pictures of dogs sniffing cameras up close thumbnail includes two pictures of fogs sniffing cameras with their snouts filling up almost the entire frame

Closeup Snout Shots Of Curious Doggos

sniff sniff sniff
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pictures of cats getting up close and personal with cameras thumbnail includes two pictures including a white kitten sniffing a camera and another cat getting close to the camera

Up Close And Personal With Some Curious Kitties

Curious Cat Mode - Activated
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GoPro close up octopus Video - 375047

This Footage of a Camera Getting Too Close to an Octopus Will Totally Suck You In

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cute animals

This Photographer Gets up Close and Personal to Wildlife and the Results Are Breathtaking

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Get a Look at These Ears!

Via ILoveRegenHealth

Soft Paws, Loud Snores

close up Cats sleeping - 9006647296
Via fairyoathen
close up hedgehog curious Video - 84604929

Hedgehog Gets up Close and Personal With a Camera Lens

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