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Give Me Tuna, and Maybe I'll Change My Mind

cute claws Cats dangerous - 7879063296
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That's it...Just One Step Closer...

gif tigers claws hunt - 7863972096

Whoa! Never Sneak up on me, Bro!

gif surprise claws - 7859721728

A Cute Face with a Sharp Set of Claws

kitten cry cute claws - 7858607872
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Lobster, Huh...Well Check out These Claws!

costume halloween lobsters claws Cats - 7852985600
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She Found Out the Hard Way

ouch scratch claws Cats funny - 7844551936
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So Dog...Explain to me One More Time What You Were Doing in My Litter Box

gif claws Cats - 7837036032

I Don't Care! I Can't Resist!

petting danger cute claws Cats - 7830374656
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The Realization of a Dream

dream claws funny - 7721848064
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Wow, Claws. I'm so Scared

cat claws funny - 7446898432

Furry Armadillo?

whatsit armadillo armor scales claws squee furry - 7039415808
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Don't Forget the Evil Bits Too!

cat teeth evil angry mad claws funny - 7030373120
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Big Noms Little Sloth

melon baby Fluffy food noms claws squee sloth - 6687446272
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Creepicute: Crabby Crabs

crustacean crab beach creepicute sand shell claws - 6997350656
Via Wikipedia

Here Comes a Sloth

gifs crawling claws squee sloth - 6997375744

Squee Spree: Fishing Cats Gonna Fish

fierce wet fishing fishing cats fish claws squee spree squee - 6997317632
Via Smithsonian National Zoo