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collection of classic cat memes and what each person's favorite means about them | thumbnail includes a meme of a crying cat 'Cat - when you finish your favorite TV show and the final episode ends with an acoustic version of the theme song:' and a picture of longcat

Cat Meme Classics: What Your Favorite Says About You

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It Was Not Taken as a Sign of Affection

classic classics computer facebook internet IRL poke - 6227163136

Cute Kitty Collage!

gifs classics kitties Cats - 7422118144
Created by ToolBee

Meowloween Classics

pose halloween captions classics Cats - 6719766272

From the Vault: I See What You Did There

crazy captions classics Cats from the vault - 6717305088

From the Vault: Not the Hero the Fish Deserves

bathtub Cats captions fish batman from the vault classics - 6696244736
Via meggypeggy

From the Vault: Shiny Device

classic classics shiny Cats captions - 6687572480

From the Cheezburger Vault: GET IN THE CAR

classics lion car get in the car Cats captions - 6684546816

Happy International Day of Peace!

captions Cats classics peace peas puns - 6602333184
Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Classic LOLcat

announcement classic classics news - 6545320192

Lolcats: Classic LOLcat - Lewtenant Dan!

Cats classic classics Movie reference - 6516793344

Video Games: Not McCloud!

animals birds classics frogs no video games - 6519906048
Created by Lucario17

Classic LOLcat

classic classics karaoke queen sing - 6516792832

Classic LOLcat

am captions Cats classic classics cute - 6516791808

Classic LOLcat

captions Cats classic classics FRIDAY love romance - 6497931520

Classic LOLcat

captions Cats classic classics clean dust dust bunnies move scary - 6497944832
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