I Can Has Cheezburger?

christmas tree

21 images and gifs of cats with christmas trees | thumbnail left cat climbing up christmas tree, thumbnail right cat hanging off of christmas tree

Hooligan Cats Left Alone Near The Christmas Tree

'Tis the season
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video of 17 tips on how to keep your cat off the christmas tree | thumbnail cat with christmas tree "17 Tips On How to Keep Your Cat Off Of Your Christmas Tree"

17 Tips On How to Keep Your Cat Off The Christmas Tree (Video)

Don't even think about it Mr. Fluff
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a bunch of hooligan cats jumping onto christmas trees like crazy cats | thumbnail includes text saying 'Travis is a menace' and a picture of a cat sitting in a christmas tree and then zooming out of it

18 Hooligan Cats Jumping On Christmas Trees

Deck the halls with cats.
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pictures of cats inside of Christmas trees thumbnail includes two pictures including a huge Christmas tree with a cat right in the middle of it and another of a kitten inside of a Christmas tree

Cats As The Shiniest Christmas Ornaments

Little loveable delinquents.
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posts of pets experiencing their first Christmas thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with a toppled over Christmas tree and another of a cat yelling at a Christmas tree 'Freyja meets her first ever Christmas tree'

Pets Experiencing Their Very First Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone!
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Animation of a cat fighting a Christmas tree thumbnail includes a frame from the animation with the cat looking up at the tree and screaming

Cats Versus Christmas Tree

Christmas special animation!!
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the 12th entry of meowmoirs diary of a cat about a cat's first Christmas thumbnail includes a pictures of a cat playing with a Christmas tree as well as the name of the entry and a quote from it 'Organism - Meowmoirs: It's Christmas Time December 22, 2020 "Sparkly. Shiny. A star. Brightly lit and calling my name. I was hypnotized." HEEZ BURGER'

Meowmoirs: It's Christmas Time (December 22, 2020)

A Christmas Special!
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tiny white kitten perfectly camouflaged in giant white christmas tree - thumbnail of giant white christmas tree and a kitten hidden within it "can you spot me?"

Adorable Kitten Purrfectly Camouflaged In Beautiful Christmas Tree

Can you spot the kitten?
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Christmas themed tumblr posts about animals thumbnail includes one picture of a cat screaming in front of a 2D Christmas tree 'Carnivore - prguitarman Was trying to take a photo of our new 2D Christmas tree when my kitty decided to jump in and become the star Source: prguitarman 222,463 notes ...'

Closing The Year With Christmas Themed Animal Tumblr Treats

Christmas shenanigans - tumblr style
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family finds koala on their christmas tree - thumbnail of koala on christmas tree

Australian Family Discovers A Koala Chilling On Their Christmas Tree

Greatest Christmas gift ever
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cats vs christmas trees - thumbnail of crying white cat besides a fallen christmas tree "I love my cat I love my cat I love my cat"

Cats vs Christmas Trees: The Endless Struggle Continues

A timeless classic
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Christmas trees leftovers as food for goats | four goats eating an old Christmas tree in a snowy yard

Looking For An Environmental Way To Get Rid Of Your Christmas Tree? Give It To Hungry Goats

Giving Christmas trees to hungry goats
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comics about a cat and the christmas tree beast | illustration of a creepy christmas tree with skull like mouth and eyes and clawed hands. Tree Beast emerges every winter deep within black forests Hell.

The Cat vs. The Tree Beast (Comics)

Comics about cat vs. the tree beast
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CATS destroying Christmas trees | cute orange cat sitting on a blanket under a Christmas tree with a snowman plushie tweet by JacquiChilds Right before he pulled tree down second time #ChristmasTree #Caturday

A Whole Bunch of Cats in a Whole Bunch of Christmas Trees

Cats in Christmas Trees
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I am the star

cat sitting proudly on top of a christmas tree where normally a tree topper would go and caption that reads, because in this house there's only one star
Via @myfavcatmeme
cat christmas tree birth tweets kittens aww cute | calico cat and her newborn kittens on a tartan blanket under a decorated and lit up Christmas tree tweet by WeTheDanielle My cat just gave birth under our Christmas tree

Meowy Christmas: Cat Gives Birth Under Christmas Tree

What a magical night, a cat giving birth under the glowing lights of a Christmas Tree.
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