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Christmas is almost here, and we have a special gift for all of you! A brand new original animation that purrfectly encompasses the biggest, most intense battle of the year - cats vs. Christmas tree

Of course, every cat owner who celebrates Christmas can understand the struggle, but this animation is starring our very own Earnie! Earnie is our most smartest, intelligentest cat who is so genius, he keeps his own diary describing the most fascinating adventures of his life. From his final day in prison (i.e. being adopted from the shelter) to his adoptive mom giving birth to a very small litter of one kitten (i.e. Earnie's human sibling), and of course, Earnie's very first Christmas adventure where the battle against the tree commences. 

The Christmas special animation is by is @sleepyskele whose portfolio you can find here, and whose Fiverr you can find right here!

More cute animations can be found on our YouTube channel. Have an amazing Christmas, cat lovers, and have a happy new year!


Meowmoirs: It's Christmas Time (December 22, 2020)

It's Christmas, and Earnie is giving all the Christmas lover in the audience a special little treat. He's discovered the Christmas tree, so of course, he had to commemorate the occasion.

Meowmoirs: It's Christmas time, and this tree belongs to Earnie.

Read about Earnie's first ever real Christmas and his experience of climbing up the tree to get his one true star.

Another special treat is right at the end of the list, where @sleepyskele has made a Christmas-y animation of the entry just for this special day! So, check out Earnie in action, living out his dream of achieving the ultimate Christmas victory right in front of your very eyes.

Read the previous entry of Earnie's diary here!

You can hop back to the first entry about the day of adoption right here as well. 

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year, everyone!

the 12th entry of meowmoirs diary of a cat about a cat's first Christmas thumbnail includes a pictures of a cat playing with a Christmas tree as well as the name of the entry and a quote from it 'Organism - Meowmoirs: It's Christmas Time December 22, 2020 "Sparkly. Shiny. A star. Brightly lit and calling my name. I was hypnotized." HEEZ BURGER'
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