I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a person gently brushing dust off of a chipmunk's chin | thumbnail includes a picture of a person petting a chipmunk's chin

Chipmunk Presenting Its Chin For Human To Gently Brush Dirt Off It (Video)

Gentle and smol.
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a cute video about wally the chipmunk | thumbnail includes an image of Wally the chipmunk in nature

Meet Wally The Awwdorable Chipmunk (Video)

Chipmunk Time
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collection of facts about chipmunks | thumbnail includes two pictures of a chipmunk eating a nut 'Eastern chipmunk - ICANHAS CHEEZ BURGER. Most chipmunks prefer to live in underground burrows. Their tunnel systems that can stretch 10 to 30 feet (3 to 9 meters) long'

Paws For This Week’s Animal Facts: Chipmunks And Chip Chip Hooray

Laugh and learn.
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video of a man building a little house in his home for a chipmunk | thumbnail includes a picture of a curled sleeping chipmunk

Building A Little House Inside Your Home For A Friendly Sleepy Chipmunk (Video)

Tiny and too cute <3
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video of chipmunks eating snacks | thumbnail left chucky chipmunk waiting at door, thumbnail right chipmunk with mouth full eating

Chipmunks Gather For Snack Time (Video)

The creator of this video, and many others like it, resides in a forest beside a lake and has the ideal setting to film her interactions with all of the wildlife in the area, especially chipmunks! These chipmunks have clearly become attached, and brave! They approach the human with no hesitancy, perhaps because there is food involved, who knows! Not everyone gets the privileges of eating inside of the house, though! There is some friendly competition going on between these chipmunks Wally: "Chu…
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video of baby chipmunk eating banana

Baby Chipmunk Enjoying A Delicious Banana (Video)

Cuteness Explosion
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video of chipmunks eating from a pot of strawberries | thumbnail includes a picture of a chipmunk attacking a strawberry

Friendly Chipmunks Fiercely Besiege A Pot Of Strawberries (Video)

It's a whole battle.
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pics and vids of small, adorable baby chipmunks - thumbnail includes two images of small, adorable baby chipmunks on a pumpkin and in a person's palm

Wholesome Mini-Gallery Of Baby Chipmunks

So smol and so cute
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youtube chipmunks chipmunk cute Video - 849414

Adorable Chipmunk Loves Playing With His Human

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Get my fighting trousers, Sarah.

cat chipmunks back caption are - 8993851392
Created by spyderbytes

Sharing Chips with the Chips

cool chips gifs chipmunks critters - 8555019264
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )
gifs chipmunks funny - 72998913

This Year's Exciting Summer Blockbuster

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Chipmunk Stretches Out

gifs chipmunks critters cute - 8438672128
Created by Unknown

Kiss And Run

bunnies gifs kisses chipmunks critters - 8424041984
Via GIFs Boom

Chipmunk Mom Has Trouble Putting Her Baby to Sleep

memes Babies chipmunks critters gifs - 8346565376
Created by Unknown

Pizza Eating Chipmunk

chipmunks critters gifs pizza - 8343678976
Created by Unknown
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