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Squee Spree: Chipmunk vs. Squirrel

cute chipmunk squee spree squirrel - 7902170624

What? These Weren't For Me?

chipmunk cute surprise peanut funny - 7765797632
Created by sixonefive72

All the Time

cat chipmunk stare watch Cats funny - 6983971072
See all captions Created by catnamedsocka

Squeek Squeeker Squeekums

Forest tiny chipmunk squee - 6570002944
Via Richard

You Thought I Wouldn't Notice

chipmunk yelling stole nuts angry - 6855772160
See all captions Created by MJKittyMom

Are You Gonna Share?

sharing chipmunk food noms squee - 4252489472
Created by sixonefive72

Me Too, Little Guy. Me Too.

hate seeds cheeks dentist chipmunk - 6782624768
See all captions Created by Fauxpaws

Or Move to a Bigger Pipe

diet fat stuck chipmunk hole pipe - 6734509568
See all captions Created by elo600

They've Spotted Us

down sneaking squirrel chipmunk periscope - 6732679424
See all captions Created by jpollard

Or Why I'm Doing It

stuck chipmunk confused pipe i have no idea what im doing - 6647400960
See all captions Created by kitty7777777

I Forgot My Cell Phone Too

chipmunk rock specific meet girl sigh alone cell phone forgot - 6613059072
See all captions Created by momofzoo

Chipmunk III

shakespeare quote tree chipmunk - 6608164352
See all captions Created by penelopesdad

Lemme RDJ My Fur Back

celeb chipmunk clean fur weird wtf categoryimage - 6619228160


chipmunk acorn hat fashion noms whiskers ears squee categoryimage - 4240665856
Created by Staravia

Scouting Party

cat chipmunk sneaking tube - 6475173632
See all captions Created by mdravon

Animal Capshunz: Can't Take These Out for Another Four Hours

captions chipmunk dentist mouth nuts stuffed - 6494642432
See all captions Created by betskand