I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of chimpanzees cared for in animal facility | thumbnail image of three chimpanzees

Caring For Chimpanzees As They Age At Oregon Zoo (Video)

Aging like humans, being taken care of like Chimps
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an assortment of adorable speech needs animals | thumbnail includes a photo of a sheep and a photo of a chimpanzee with down syndrome

Born Different: Special Animals Who We Love

So Adorable
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a series of funny photoshopped photos of a gibbon for reddit photoshop battle | thumbnail is a picture of a gibbon photoshopped twice

Epic Photoshop Battle: Gentle Gibbon Holding A Flower

Crazy Photoshop creations!
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images worth 1000 words beautiful photography amazing animals hugging tiger yawn bird turtle fox dolphin dance butterfly frog otter bat seal wow stunning wholesome

Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words (21 Images)

20 incredible pictures that cannot be captured in few words
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Sanctuary where chimpanzees and puppies live together

In This Sanctuary, Chimpanzees And Puppies Are Leaving Together As Best Friends

Sanctuary for Chimpanzees And Puppies
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chimpanzee ladder escape zoo - 7712517

Using a Fallen Branch As a Ladder, a Smart Chimp Escaped From Its Enclosure At Belfast Zoo

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chimpanzee reunited emotional Video beautiful - 487430

Chimpanzee Living At A Zoo In Miami Was Reunited With His Former Foster Parents

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chimpanzee Interspecies Love tiger cub love beautiful - 94403329

A Mother's Love

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wtf facts about monkeys

20 Crazy WTF Facts About Monkeys

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chimpanzee ball pit ball zoo Party funny Video animals - 91869697

Chimpanzees Having The Time Of Their Live Playing In a Ball Pit

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chimpanzee zoo chimp funny Video - 237062

Smart Chimp Asks Zoo Visitors To Share Their Drinks

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Discerning Primate

chimpanzee captions funny - 8552504320
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chimpanzee funny Video - 73287425

Chimpanzees Have a Dance Battle With Their Reflections

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Please Stand By

chimpanzee captions funny - 8478374144
See all captions Created by DJAussie

I Mean It!

chimpanzee captions funny - 8487969792
See all captions Created by shanebc01

An Early Submission for Mom of the Year

chimpanzee adoption mother zoo chimp mom - 6952236032
Created by Unknown
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