I Can Has Cheezburger?


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10 Cats Who Love Easter Peeps!

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Three Easter Peeps

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Come Here, Let me Show You Something...My Claws!

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The Bowler Hat Duo!

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Via Cute Overload
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The Cutest Nap Buddies You Will Ever See!

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This Chick is Packin'!

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By Kyler_Cheez

He's the One...He Called Me Tiny...

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By Unknown

Chicks are Amazing...

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By Unknown

Let's Skip all the Fluff

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Duck and Owl Nap Together

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By sixonefive72 (Via www.youtube.com)

But I'm Not Tired, Mama!

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By Unknown

That's One Life-Loving Baby Cockatoo

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Via Prague Zoo

More Like Chicken McBadass!

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By Unknown

Something to Snuggle During Daytime Naps

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By Thunder_Cloud

A Real Tough Crowd

Hand - NO.
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I Love Chicken Nuggets!

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By Unknown