I Can Has Cheezburger?


list of photos and videos of baby chickens and chicks playing with dogs and puppies | thumbnail includes pictures of dogs playing with baby chickens

Pawdorable Videos Of Puppies Playing With Baby Chickens

Cuteness overload.
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tumblr thread about a rooster who likes blondes and tries to seduce a dog | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - anonymous asked i have a horrible misogynist rooster who only likes blonde hens so i always have to make sure i have 2-3 yellow hens around so he doesn't run anyone ragged. i didn't know this was a problem someone could have but i've had macklemore for eight slutty, slutty years and he's been overly obsessed with the blondness level of his lady friends for the entire time with '

Tumblr Thread: Rooster Who Likes Blondes Only Tries To Seduce Golden Retriever

...whatever floats your boat?
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viral imgur thread of a chicken with a scissor beak condition | thumbnail includes two pictures of a chicken with a cross beak condition 'This is Dory, and as you can probably see, she has something called cross beak. Even as it progressed, she still strived- it felt like overnight how quickly it worsened... my dang bleeding heart couldn’t give up on her and I’m so glad I didn’t grrumble'

Thread: Affectionate And Goofy Scissor-Beak Chicken Strives For Best Life

Never give up on them <3
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twitter thread about rescuing a baby chick | thumbnail includes a picture of a tiny baby chick and one tweet 'Carnivore - Karma Renee @iAmMissKarma I found a baby chick on my porch.. he's all alone and chirping like crazy. We have hella chickens over here so seeing them is normal but the chicks are never alone or too far from their mom. I don't know what to do'

Twitter Thread: Rescuing And Returning A Baby Chick To Its Family

And helping it return back to its family <3
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video of a hen looking after a cat's kittens | thumbnail includes picture of a hen sitting on top of a bunch of kittens

Hen Looks After Kittens Of A Cat That She Raised (Video)

The best momma <3
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video of a bird imitating a chicken | thumbnail includes two pictures of a bird with transcriptions of what its saying 'My name is Nuggets and I'm a big fat chicken' and 'Unsuccessful chicken bawk'

Adorable Bird Attempting To Imitate A Chicken (Video)

That's one good chicken.
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a collection of various cute and fluffy animals | funny and cute picture of a very fluffy white chicken sitting on top of a wooden fence

12 Pictures Of The Fluffiest Most Squish-Able Animals

Some super cute furry friends!
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video of a rooster who walks into a family's home one day and decides to stay thumbnail includes two pictures including a rooster looking in the mirror and a rooster standing on a woman's head

Sassy Wild Rooster Welcomes Himself Into Family's Home And Stays There (Video)

He let HIMSELF in, so now he stays.
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a video of tiny kittens meeting and hanging out with a tiny yellow chick thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten looking at a chick and a kitten sniffing a chick

Tiny Cats Meeting Tinier Chicken (Video)

double tiny-ness and double the cute
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tumblr thread about an academic paper about chickens thumbnail includes a snippet of the paper and all the words in it are 'chicken'

Tumblr Classics: Academic Paper Which Is All Chicken

Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken
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tumblr thread and posts about a rooster who always lets hens eat snacks first unless its blueberries thumbnail includes a picture of a rooster and the caption 'Text - samandriel Follow the same rooster - god guys he's so cute - he always lets hens eat treats first and won't have any treats until they've had as much as they want, unless it's a blueberry. shit, blueberries are like serious fucking business for Pharaoh. he's a gentleman until the damn blueberries come out and then he don't play no'

Tumblr Thread: Gentleman Rooster Always Lets Lady Friends Eat First

...unless it's blueberries.
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orange kitten and baby chick take a nap together - thumbnail of kitten and baby chick napping

Kitten And Baby Chick Are The Best Snuggle Buddies (Video)

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best of this week's animal tweets thumbnail includes two pictures tweets including one with bunnies that have really big ears 'Nose - beep boop bop @zoopti go ahead bro im all ears 7:04 AM · Sep 8, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 39.1K Retweets 2.2K Quote Tweets 217K Likes' and the other has fluffy sheep 'Mammal - video girl @vulgardarlinng look at these SHEEP!!! they're so ?!/?:! they look like plushies 9:11 PM · Sep 9, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 6K Retweets 378 Quote Tweets 19.8K Likes >'

Weekly Treats; Animal Tweets (September 14th, 2020)

Twitter's most popular animal tweets of the week
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Creative Chicken Coops | tiny alien spaceship in a backyard with chickens climbing into it | Doctor Who inspired TARDIS phone booth blue police box

Fine Gallery Of Creative Chicken Coops

Creative Chicken Coops
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chicken muscle arms package funny lol cute aww animals weird muscular | hilarious pics showing a chicken receiving a package in the mail then wearing human doll hands

Chicken Gets Muscular Human Arms In Funny Package

Feathered bodybuilder status
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A star is born

tumblr post sparrf this baby chick is almost too perfect shes got eyeliner and look at those cheeks.„ she is so round and beautiful
Via sparrf
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