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viral imgur thread of a chicken with a scissor beak condition | thumbnail includes two pictures of a chicken with a cross beak condition 'This is Dory, and as you can probably see, she has something called cross beak. Even as it progressed, she still strived- it felt like overnight how quickly it worsened... my dang bleeding heart couldn’t give up on her and I’m so glad I didn’t grrumble'

Thread: Affectionate And Goofy Scissor-Beak Chicken Strives For Best Life

Never give up on them <3
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twitter thread about rescuing a baby chick | thumbnail includes a picture of a tiny baby chick and one tweet 'Carnivore - Karma Renee @iAmMissKarma I found a baby chick on my porch.. he's all alone and chirping like crazy. We have hella chickens over here so seeing them is normal but the chicks are never alone or too far from their mom. I don't know what to do'

Twitter Thread: Rescuing And Returning A Baby Chick To Its Family

And helping it return back to its family <3
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story about the oldest know wild albatross hatching a chick at the age of seventy thumbnail includes a picture of an albatross and its baby chick

World's Oldest Known Wild Bird Gives Birth At 70

The videos are some of the cutest we've seen.
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pictures of dogs and small yellow chicks thumbnail includes two pictures including a dog with chicks running toward it and another of a dog with chicks at its feet and a chick on its head

Handsome Doggos Getting All The Chicks

literally though.
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kittens baby chick video kitten aww animals chicken cute adorable youtube video cats

Kittens And A Baby Chick (Video)

The cutest
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cats cat chicken chick lol cute aww animals youtube video

Super Chill Cat Hanging Out With A Little Chick (Video)

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cats chick fatherhood friendship animals aww video youtube cute

Sweet Caring Cat Fathers Baby Chick (Video)

Friendship has no bounds
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aww tummy chick cute belly rubs - 94607105

Tummy Rubs

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chicken eggs chick hatching Video - 398855

Feel Free to Egg on This Chick While You Watch Her Hatch Into the World

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baby birds chick surprise wildlife Video - 358919

The World's Oldest Wild Bird Has Given Birth at 66 Years Old

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Looks So Good

looks so good
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Hello, Fellow Cats

chick meow caption Cats - 8803871232
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chick bird Cats Video sleepy - 79534337

Tiny Chick Sleeps on Cat's Mouth!

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Big Bullies Come In Small Packages

funny animal gif of baby chick bullying big dog
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penguins chick Video - 77043969

Penguin Chick On Ice For First Time

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Now She Wants to get Her Beak Pierced

hair punk baby animals birds chick - 8441254656
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