I Can Has Cheezburger?


stories of cats being cock blocks - cover image picture of cat saying "I am the worlds cutest cock block" and story of cat digging up tampon from trash and killing mood

Cats Who Interrupted Their Owners From Having Romantic Relations

You might think it's easy to get some these days, especially with everyone desperate for human contact after lockdown. But it turns out that cat owners often encounter technical setbacks that the average person doesn't, which could stop them from getting lucky in the sex department . Together with The Single Society , we bring you real women's stories of times their cats did everything they could to stop their owners from getting laid , which, if you know a thing or two about kitties, isn't all…
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wedding photos with cats

Photographer Is Doing Post Wedding Private Shooting With Cats And The Results Are Beautiful

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comics capturing the joy of having a dog

30 Comics That Pretty Much Sums Up The Magic Of Having a Pup

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Colorful illustrations and gifs show women as they are

The Hidden Side Of Women That Society Doesn’t Want To See

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8 comics about the cycle of relationships - Cover image of 1st date VS relationship cartoon

8 Comics That Show How Relationship Changes Over Time

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