I Can Has Cheezburger?


Who cut the cheese? Seriously that reeks. Better air it out, or maybe grab a milder wheel to balance it out. These cheesy puns will have you groaning in no time, so don't go anywhere, and don't cut any more cheese.

twitter thread woman walked in on boyfriend grating cheese into dog's mouth | thumbnail tweet " I just walked into the kitchen to discover my boyfriend grating cheese directly into the dog's mouth"

Twitter Thread: Woman Catches Boyfriend Grating Cheese Directly Into Their Dog's Mouth

We hope it was gouda, or provolone, yum
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And That's The Subject Of Our Lecture For Today

pic of a dog on a podium in front of a class appearing to be presenting a lecture about cheese being a loaf of milk
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cheese dog video funny dogs challenge - 7905285

It Turns Out That Cheese Challenge People Are Doing With Babies Doesn’t Work So Well On Dogs

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cheese smelling cat videos Cats Video - 93190657

Cats Reactions To Smelling Cheese

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An Aggressive Way to Ask If You Can Has Cheese

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Let's Change the Topic

animals cheese milk ice cream caption - 8800473856
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cheese vine eating Cats Video - 80358145

Watch Oreo the Cat Nom on a Delicious Kraft Single

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I Could Help You Look for Them in Exchange for a Treat

cat cheese caption - 8462295296
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Share and Share Alike

cheese friends - 8256574464
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I'll Take Mine With a Burger Please!

Cats cute begging cheese - 8198658048
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Never Heard That One Before!

cheese mice mouse - 8189122048
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I Wish They'd Forget the Lettuce Instead...

cheese cheeseburger order Cats fast food - 8186181888
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Those Aren't Raisins...

cheese poop gross mice - 8163897600
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Say Cheezburger!

cheese cute squirrels camera Photo funny - 8040668416
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Enjoy Some Deliciously Melty Goodness! It's National Cheese Day!

cheese puns mice - 7107992832
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I Really Like Cheese...But I Also Really Like Cute Puppies!

cheese puppies cute beg - 8002630144
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