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Rescue Dogs' Pawesome Paintings Up For Auction To Support Charity

We always knew animals were awesome and talented, but now one British animal rehoming center is putting their skills to the test! "Artworks created by dogs are going up for auction to raise money for an animal rescue charity in Redcar. SARA (Saving and Rehoming Animals) came up with the idea to help raise funds during the pandemic, which it said had a ‘huge impact’ on fundraising events. The canvas artworks were made at the Redcar center using non-toxic paint, plastic sheets and peanut butter. …
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'Rubbish' Pet Portraits Raise Over £50k For Homeless

We can see why people love them LOL
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Artist Creates 'Crappy Pet Portraits' To Raise Money For Charity

They're kind of all amazing.
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charity wedding married women - 7770629

Terminally Ill Woman Will Fulfill Her Bucket List Wish And Marry Her Dog For Charity

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australian firefighter calendar

Australian Firefighters Pose With Animals For 2019 Charity Calendar

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charity lick Video - 80915201

David Duchovny Will Donate a Dollar Every Time a Dog Licks Your Face

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charity heartwarming climbing Ireland blind Cats Video - 80769025

Patrick and His Blind Cat, Stevie, Climbed the Highest Peak in Ireland to Raise Money for Animals in Need

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charity kids pony cute science rescued Video horse - 68993025

Watch As These Kids Come Together And Help The Smallest Pony Be Able To See Over Of His Stable

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Norman the Scooter Dog

charity awesome scooter world record people pets - 7656126720
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Buy this Card Deck to Benefit Stray Cat Alliance

charity deck internet cards Cats - 7003653632
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Do *you* have hair dat u can donate?

hair charity confidence wig chihuahua - 6608810752
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cancer charity donations Video - 38844929

Animal Videos: Help Banjo the Dog Fight Cancer

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I'll Do It for Free

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For ten cents a day,

Ad caption captioned cat Cats charity day for help like - 5446151936
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Blind Dog Rescue Alliance Helps Dogs In Need

charity helping love mixed breed news story whatbreed - 5015931904
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cancer charity race run Video - 21859329

VIDEO: Good Boy, Dozer!

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