I Can Has Cheezburger?


Every. Single. Party.

chameleon lizard Party - 6566326528
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Animal Gifs: Chameleon Washing His Hands

chameleon critters gifs hand sink washing - 6597734144
By TSGIGOR (Via Senor Gif)

Unless You Were to Somehow Walk Around the Tree

chameleon gandalf lizard Lord of the Rings tree you shall not pass - 6539663104
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Squee Spree: Chameleons vs. Turtles

chameleon face off squee spree turtle versus - 6583421696
By Unknown

Daily Squee: Hitchin' a Ride

baby chameleon chameleons finger fingers hand hands lizard lizards squee tiny - 6213603328
By ingopixel

Things Are Looking Up

branch chameleon lizard looking up - 6276380672
Via Just Call Me Lynn

Aren't You Glad We're Larger than Chameleons?

catch chameleon hunt praying mantis slow mo tongue - 6359214080
By Unknown

Shouldn't Have Skipped My Last Checkup

broken chameleon green lizard - 6267306240
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Daily Squee: Squee Tree

branches chameleon chameleons climbing green lizard lizards squee tree - 6243840000
By sixonefive72 (Via Cameron_hf)

Fitting In Isn't for Me

blending in chameleon changing colors lizard style - 6256852992
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Manicure Lizard

chameleon finger lizard manicure tiny - 6121064192
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Let's Go For a Walk

chameleon hand lizard tiny - 6103691520
By Unknown

Way to Blend

branch chameleon lizard stick - 6070282752
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Squee Spree: Koala vs. Chameleon

chameleon contest koala lizard marsupial reptile squee spree - 6162689024
By Unknown

Squee Spree: Lizard Week!

chameleon contest lizard squee spree vote - 5884061440
By Unknown

Sounds Like Heaven

candy chameleon delicious lizard reptile - 5746828032
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