I Can Has Cheezburger?


No one expected me to enter the cereal bowl eating contest, but not to worry, I have a few Trix up my sleeves.

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Apparently Cats Just Love Froot Loops And These Tweets Prove It

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Part of a Balanced Breakfast

breakfast kitten if i fits i sits bowl Cats cereal - 9003363328
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Get A Life. Mikey Did!

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Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal of The Day

Photo of a hamster eating cereal
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Fruit Loops

toucan birds colorful squee cereal - 6550174976
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There's a Hare in My Cereal

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Everyone Needs a Role Model

tigers funny cereal frosted flakes - 7548752384
By vandle89

Peter has Been Watching Way Too Much TV

cereal kids rabbits TV - 8025204992
By Unknown

I Said Follow My Nose!

cereal birds beaks funny nose toucans - 7960615680
By Unknown

He's a Sneaky Serial Eater

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A Cereal Squisher

kitten squish Cats cereal - 7884578560
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They Always Get the Prize Inside

pun box prize funny cereal - 7675566592
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A Prize Inside Every Box!

box surprise funny cereal - 7675693312
By ADifferentDrum

Cereal Sitter

if it fits i sits cereal - 7568445952
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pun funny cereal - 7455733248
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I've Seen Small Hoomin Do Dis With Cereal

prize cereal - 7320521728
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