I Can Has Cheezburger?


pictures of glowworms in pitch black caves thumbnail includes one picture of a dark cave with many glow worms in it

Magical Photos Of Glow Worms In Pitch-Black Caves

Absolutely stunning.
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9 puppies were saved from a cave in a heroic rescue

The Epic Rescue Of 9 Puppies Trapped In A Cave 18 Feet Into The Earth

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Snowy Ermine

weasel snow cave squee delightful insurance - 4240975360
Created by sixonefive72

C'mere Little One

squee spree squee sand cat mother baby cave desert - 6696315136
Via Tibor Jager

Don't Be Afraid

baby cave mom mothers day polar bear - 6091763456
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caption captioned cave cute hiding kitten mine - 3951377152
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bed blanket cave lolcats - 1379674880
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