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cats are jerks

15 images of pets being jerks | thumbnail left pet cat sitting in front of broken glass, thumbnail right dog family picture with backside to the camera

Pets Being Troublemakers: A Series Of Pets Doing Exactly The Opposite Of What They Are Supposed To

Silly Pets Showing Their True Colors
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12 images and videos of pet mischief | thumbnail left parrot perched on bowl of cereal, thumbnail right large cat sitting on bed of flowers

Animal Mischief And Shenangians: What's The Pet Done This Time?

Awdorable Hooligans
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pictures of cats stealing dogs' beds thumbnail includes two pictures including one of two dogs lying on the floor with one cat sitting on their huge bed and another of an offended looking dog looking at the camera because a cat is sleeping on its bed

Cats Shamelessly Stealing Dogs' Beds

bestest boys + loveable jerks
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assholes cats funny stories

New Evidence Confirms That Cats Are Indeed Assholes (17 Pieces Of Evidence)

Cats doing what they do best
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