I Can Has Cheezburger?


Bum Trip, Man

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Somebody Went Too Hard on the Catnip Last Night

somebody went too hard on the catnip last night
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Catnip Blues

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BRB Going to Buy Some Catnip Plants

brb going to buy some catnip plants
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Catnip, Not Even Once

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Do Not Catnip and Drive

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Catnip Is a Hell of a Drug

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And Suddenly, The Catnip Starts Working

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Catnip Kitty in a Tree

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By the Way, Do You Have a Sledge Hammer?

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When The Catnip Kicks In

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Can I Have Some More Nip Now Please?

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Gimme Dat Nip!

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Better Lie Low for While

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Wait For the Nip With a Nap

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