cat treats

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It's time to make the Purrfect Treats! 

Make your cat's favorite new treat using well... their favorite treats! Some yummy tuna and of course...CATNIP! It's the purrfect treat! 

And we guarantee, they might even show you some attention as a way to thank you for making them! 

Now don't forget, we have some more fun DIY projects all for your feline friends made from their favorite materials and even some treats! 

Make them a fun window seat, a few tuna cookie treats, (without the catnip), and even a throne fit for their royal highnesses, oh let's not forget the fun tv set they can relax in and cathouse they can sleep in


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It's Caturday! 

And YES, that means another fun DIY video made just for you (or really for your pets to enjoy!) 

So, let's just recap... we've made a fun window seat purrfect for your cat to view the outside world, a cuddly pillow using none other than our BFF's picture, and a purrfect TV box for them to chill and for you to watch them do just that (aka the best TV show ever!) 

Now let's switch it up and head into the kitchen to bake some yummy (well for them) treats!

Our easy step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to make the purrfect tuna cookies for your pets to enjoy.

Oh, they are also interactive! 

Have fun!!