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17 screenshots from a twitter thread where people talk about their cats that are not perfect but loved regardless | Thumbnail includes a picture of a fluffy grey and white cat sitting on a blue chair like a human and a picture of an orange cat laying on a human with a red shirt 'And then there's the world's most expensive throw pillow, whose sensitive bladder has cost me more in vet bills than I spent on my car She got abandoned twice because she was "too chatty". So now she's mine and we'

Cat People Say It's A Good Thing Their Cats Have Homes, Otherwise No One Would Adopt Them: Thread

They love them no matter what
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21 photos and stories of senior cats | Thumbnail includes a photo of three kittens and a photo of a woman holding three senior cats 'how it started vs. how it's going...16 years later'

Paying Respects To Our Senior Citizens With A Series Of 21 Senior Cat Stories And Photos

A token of appreciation for the senior cat community
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photography project- girls and their cats | woman with red hair and very light eyebrows lying on her side next to a grumpy looking bald sphynx cat wearing a leopard print sweater

"Girls And Their Cats" Photography Project Is Aimed At Debunking The "Crazy Cat Lady" Stereotype

"Girls And Their Cats" Photography Project
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the best cats of 2019 | cinderblock the obese cat in a blue harness. cat playing on a runway during a fashion show. AKKOESMOD USLARARASDA AKADEMISİ debde ESMOD INTERNATIONA ESMOD INTERNATIONAL C* C* ISTANBUL ISTANBUL

The Pawsome Cats Who Made 2019 So Much Better

The pawsome cats of 2019
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woman from new jersey cat rescue

Inspiring Woman From New Jersey Travels The City With Cages Of Cats

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cat videos with cat stories

5 Great Stories For Those Who Can’t Get Enough of Cats

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mean cat in bed

Mean Business: Owners Tweet About Their Foul Feline Friends

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