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'Single Kitten Syndrome': Shelter Staff Explains Why It's Beneficial to Have Your Kitten Grow Up With a Sibling

Becoming a cat parent comes with a lot of responsibility. Sure, cats are known as the most self-dependent pets, but they still require a lot of parenting—especially if you get kittens. Just like raising a child, the way you raise your kitten affects how they'll act when they're older. Except with cats, you don't really have an easy route of communication. So how do you communicate with your kitten? This kitten rescue staff member says it's through behavior. However, she advises that the easiest…
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cat acts weird post-op and feline sibling is super confused by it

Orange Cat Bestie is Still Coming Down From Anesthesia Post-Surgery While Reuniting with Feline Sibling, Sparks Funniest Interaction

Poor post-op kitty is seeing sounds and feeling colors and his feline sibling is just all over him trying to find his on switch.
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woman adopts a senior cat, internet convinces her to go back for his sister

Woman Goes Viral for Sitting in the Closet to Comfort Her Frightened Rescued Cat, Viewers Then Convince Her to Also Adopt His Sister

Just a woman bonding with her new cat and realizing she couldn't leave their sibling behind.
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'Time, patience, and love, every situation is different': Kitten rescued from dumpster is initially hated and hissed at by the house cat, but now they're inseparable

"She has made a great addition—took time, yes—but it all worked out."
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