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cat dad uses gentle parenting on his feline baby

'Typical millennial cat parent': Cat dad chases down escaped indoor cat, brings her home and gives her a stern gentle parenting-style talking to

“I know you just want to feel free, but there are things outside that will hurt you. Okay, this is your safe zone. You're an indoor kitty and you just don't know how good you have it… She's sad.”
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15 memes relating to cat parenting and owning a cat | Thumbnail includes a picture of an orange cat hanging out from a window and a picture of a cat's paws and a picture of human hands with scratches on them 'I said: DON'T FORGET THE CATNIP! Her paws look like this so my hands can look like this'

Funny Cat Memes For People Who Treat Cat Parenting As A Full Time Job (15 Memes)

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