cat fails


These Cats Are Miserably Failing While Trying To Play With Their Boxes (Gifs)


Cats are hilarious. And cuter than any creature alive I think. And if you don't believe me, try looking at dozens of these cute cats and saying otherwise, I dare you. Or if you really consider yourself a cat connoisseur, try comparing your top 10 to our favorite cat breeds, and see how they compare. 

You wouldn't believe how insane birds with arms look, though oddly appropriate in certain circumstances. Though their potential if they had them is simply terrifying. However, we can sleep easily knowing man's best friend is no closer to growing hands then they are to speaking ancient Greek. However, these hysterical huskies getting up to all sorts of hijinks should provide you with a bit of a an idea how little we have to worry about. 

cute cats playing with boxes
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