I Can Has Cheezburger?


pictures of cat castles and jungle gyms made entire out of boxes thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a bunch of cats inside of a huge cardboard castle and another of an enormous cardboard castle shaped like a dinosaur for cats

Box-Loving Cats Getting Entire Castles Made Of Boxes

big box love requires big box
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incredible halloween-inspired spooky castle built from cardboard for cats - thumbnail of giant cardboard castle finished and cat sitting front on it

Cats Get Ultimate Spooky Castle For Halloween (Video)

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castle halloween DIY Cats - 100080129

Guy Builds a Spooktacular Halloween Cat Castle

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10/10 Good Castle Boy

castle cute good boy Memes doggo image - 9230906368
Via Reddit
DIY video showing how to make a cardboard castle for your cat

How To Make An Epic DIY Cat Castle Out Of Cardboard Boxes

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castle Cats cardboard - 1224709

Creative Guy Makes Unique Cardboard Structures for His Cat

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Home Sweet Home

cat castle homeless caption - 8975162624
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castle outside DIY Cats - 928773

Someone Built a Custom "Kitty Kastle" for Their Indoor Cats so They Can Go Outside

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I'm Sorry This Just Won't Do

tabby cat tree castle kitten spoiled Cats - 8453268736
See all captions Created by ladybellabug

Kitteh Needs a Moat

cute castle kitten - 8197007104
See all captions Created by jennybookseller

Take a Swim in my Moat

Grumpy Cat castle - 7856581120
See all captions Created by Skykitten66

The Daily What: Homemade Cat Castle of the Day

boxes castle cat DIY the daily what Video - 6576444160
Created by Unknown

Go away!

busy caption captioned castle go away hamster lego legos - 5782723328
See all captions Created by worksucks

Reader Squees: King of the Lego Castle

castle house king mouse reader squees - 5749874944
Created by Isabele

Acting Like Animals: I'm King of the Castle!

acting like animals castle hedgehog hiding king protected ruler - 5685922304
Via Bloomin' Hedgehogs

Sorry, Mario,

accident another but caption captioned castle cat in kitten mario noms oops princess quote sorry this - 5511113216
See all captions Created by i_iz_dragon_cat293
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