I Can Has Cheezburger?


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Dog Shows Off His Fancy New Electric Car By Taking the Kid for a Drive

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Put Down the Cell Phone and Pay Attention!

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There's Nothing Like the Wind In Your Hair

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Nothing Like The Wind Blowing Through Your Ears

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Everybody's a Comedian

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Watch As One Dog Knows Exactly How To Help The Other Dog Get Out Of The Car

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I'm Faster Than Anything Ford Makes

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Watch This Dog Lose It After Finding Out Where He's Going To

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My Cat Does The Same Thing in Cars

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Watch This Little Boy's Hilarious Reaction To A Monkey On Their Car's Roof

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The Pug Life is Pretty Fast and Furious

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Groupon's Laser-Guided Cat Car Service Makes its April Debut

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Sometimes You Need a Break From the Window

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Just a Friendly Reminder to Not be a Jackass and Leave Your Dog in the Car

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Night Time Driving is Always Better With An Owl

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Newest Cop on The Force Looks Like a Bit of a Wiener

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