I Can Has Cheezburger?


pictures of lambs being carried by donkeys thumbnail includes two pictures of lambs saddled onto a donkey's back

Sleepy Lambs Carried By Donkey In Specially-Tailored Saddles

Donkey nannies for newborn lambs <3
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pictures of swan moms carrying their babies thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a swan holding a bunch of tiny swan babies under its wings and another of a tiny swan baby standing on its mother's chest

Aawdorable Swan Moms Carrying And Protecting Swan Babies

Is there anything more wholesome than baby swans being carried by mom?
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But Maybe I'll Get a Treat!

carry kitten litter box caption - 8549113600
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Great Advice

stick softly carry bark big caption - 8315294720
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Mom! Nooooooooooooooo

carry cat child kitten mom play slide - 6044368128
By Unknown

Saint Bernard is Afraid of Stairs

scary gifs st bernard carry stairs - 6760010752
By Unknown

Animal Capshunz: Come On, Don't Make Me Take Him Back

captions carry delivery giraffes holding order weighing - 6317886976
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Doing it Wrong

carry doing it wrong faster horse They Said - 6213566720
By ChampionLance52

And You Can't Read Body Language Either

carry climbing do not want hand no tarsier understand - 6166690304
By Unknown

Step On It, or Whatever You Do in Water

bunny carry catch hope hurry swan swimming train - 6128602112
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Animal Gifs: Come! We Ride!

Babies carry cat Cats gifs Interspecies Love possum ride walk - 6104998912
By Unknown

Animal Gifs: Nom. Nooaah. Ahhh. AHHHHHHHH!

best of the week carry crazy fly frog frogs gifs Hall of Fame no nom wtf - 6091302144
By Unknown

I Has A Hotdog: Scuse me!

best of the week carry cat Cats dropped german shephard german shepherd Hall of Fame i think Interspecies Love - 6036505344
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GIF: Wolf Mother

carry gifs husky Interspecies Love scruff of the neck wolves - 5818973440
By Unknown


baby carry cyoot kitteh of teh day family mom scruff of the neck - 4758129408
Via F*** Yeah Felines

Plus 8,

captioned carry cat cheeseburger double enough excited have math might money - 4207902464
By Polarzzz
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