I Can Has Cheezburger?


Reader Squee: My Carrot

carrot happy bunday pet rabbit reader squee - 6538277632
By Pan77155

Sharing is Caring

carrot nom prarie dogs snack - 6416861696
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Interspecies Love: Pygmy Pig and Chubsy Bunny

bunny carrot Interspecies Love pig rabbit - 4294342656
By sixonefive72

Reader Squee: Bath Time Nom

bath time carrot guinea pig pet reader squee - 4281450752
By ZombieGeisha

Bunday: Perfect Balance

balance carrot happy bunday treat trick - 6360347648
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Daily Squee: Breakfast in Bed

bed beds carrot carrots doll house hamster hamsters squee - 6120658432
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Squee Spree: Special Treat

carrot manatee squee spree treat winner - 6296497152
By Unknown

Reader Squee: Snack Time

carrot guinea pig pet reader squee - 6268280832
By Darklordmoony

Honey Get Yourself a New Man

carrot elephant puns ring - 6014088960
See all captions By Stinkyray

Cood Dude Guinea Pig

carrot guinea pig skateboard - 5953718784
By Unknown

I Thought You Were Supposed to Win Races

bunnies carrot hurry up rabbit running away turtle - 5903130112
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All Tucked In

blanket bunny carrot happy bunday Pillow sleep - 5934577920
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Acting Like Animals: Grocery Run

acting like animals bunny carrot carrots Hall of Fame happy bunday rabbit shopping - 5660322048
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acting like animals annoyed bunny carrot cat disappointed do not want nom nomming noms rabbit tiny upset - 5541209856
By Unknown


acting like animals amazing bunny carrot carrots dreaming happy bunday heaven noms paradise surprised - 5423631616
By Unknown


attempt bunny carrot happy bunday heist rabbit sneaky theft walking - 5260396544
By Unknown