I Can Has Cheezburger?

cardboard boxes

1 and a half minute video of kittens playing with a cardboard box | Thumbnail includes 2 orange kittens and 2 grey kittens playing with a cardboard box

Adorable Kittens Play Fight About Who Gets To Keep The Cardboard Box (Video)

It's brutal out here
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12 images of cats im boxes with text \ thumbnail two cats in two large boxes labled "trash" and "donate"

Benevolent Cats Comfortably Relaxing In Boxes Of Ranging Size And Structure

Surprise! It's a box
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24 pictures of cats in boxes | thumbnail left cat with leg in small green box, thumbnail right cat sitting in coke bottle box

Surprise, It's A Cat: Cozy Felines Relaxing In Cardboard Boxes

Why do they like cardboard boxes so heckin much
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hilarious cardboard boxes adorable heartwarming creative cardboard box ferocious funny cats uplifting silly Cats dinosaurs - 15076613

Humans Use Cardboard Boxes To Transform Their Cats Into Ferocious Dinosaurs

Cats and cardboard boxes . It's a love story as old as Romeo and Juliet, maybe even older. Cats love them some cardboard boxes, the phenomenon has dazzled humans for millennia! Don't believe us? Run a test, place a cardboard box near your cat and see what happens over the next hour. However, today we found out that the infatuation with cardboard boxes does not stop at just sitting in them, no no. Humans have started being creative and adapting to their cats' interests! Today we found a series o…
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bunch of ragdoll cats in cardboard boxes - thumbnail of multiple ragdoll cats in multiple cardboard boxes

Multiple Ragdoll Cats In Multiple Cardboard Boxes (Video)

A dream
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samsung tv cats cardboard houses cute aww cool awesome cat tv eco packaging | tiny white cat kitten coming out of a miniature house made of a box

Samsung's New TV Boxes Can Be Converted Into Cat Houses

Now THAT'S luxury.
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Clever Cat Rescue!

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From Number 1 Husband To the Dog House

funny animal image of dog in cardboard tank
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Cheezburger Wishes All You Cats Out There a Very Happy Boxing Day!

cardboard boxes boxes captions boxing day Cats holidays - 6907060736
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I'm not feeling it...

cardboard boxes purr what breed Cats - 6789496320
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cardboard boxes leave me alone boxes no Cats Video - 45638657

Never Unpack a Happily-Boxed Cat

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The Trap Has Been Set...

cardboard boxes catch traps boxes How To Cats - 6827206912
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annoyed cardboard boxes spaz boxes tails Cats - 44693249

The Great Box-Tail Massacre of 2012

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I got this...

cardboard boxes mailman package what breed mail - 6664807168
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tight squeeze comfort is relative cardboard boxes boxes if i fits i sits Cats Video - 44180225

If I (Kinda) Fits, I Sits

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Goggies R Owr Friends: Box Buddies

cardboard boxes boxes Interspecies Love goggies r owr friends Cats - 6742475008
Via Caturday
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