I Can Has Cheezburger?


candy interesting caterpillar - 93845761

This Caterpillar Looks Like A Gummy Candy

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candy news stealing squirrel Video thief - 84684545

Squirrel With a Sweet Tooth Can't Stop Stealing Candy Bars From This Convenience Store

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candy vine tweet animals - 474884

Life is an Everyday Struggle

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candy vine Cats - 71449345

You Can't Fool This Cat, He Knows What He Really Wants

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*Heavy Breathing*

animals candy pug - 8500291072
See all captions Created by Unknown

No More Peeps (Until Next Year)

animals candy easter bear tongue - 8473700096
See all captions Created by Unknown

He's Sneezing Sugar-Dust For Other Reasons

Cats candy lie - 8235804416
Created by AngelAndz

Cat Prefers Candy Wrappers

candy gifs Cats - 8409397504
Created by Unknown

What's a Christmas Tree without candy canes?

candy treats christmas tree bacon - 8393650688
See all captions Created by Unknown

I don't Care What it is - it's Illegal and I Want it!

candy want Cats thief - 8388268288
Created by beernbiccies

It's a Poultry-izing Candy Choice

candy holidays chicken peeps - 8376147968
See all captions Created by Booboo22

Spooky Minion Cats And The Haunted Bowl

candy gifs halloween Cats - 8352404224
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

This Pug is Just Getting into Holiday Form

candy pug fall - 8339898880
Via dogshaming

The Sweet Part of Being a Lemur

critters candy gifs lemurs - 8328194048
Via poppzE
candy puppies cute Video corgis - 58679809

Corgi Puppy vs. Lemon Warhead

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They're Out of KitKats...

candy vending machine Cats - 7981945856
Created by Unknown
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