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Secret the Australian Shepherd has cancer, but Viral Video on TikTok has Helped her Raise Over $100k

Beloved Viral Dog Known for Her Extreme Intelligence was Diagnosed with Cancer, TikTok Has Now Helped Her to Raise Over $100k

The GoFundme has more than doubled its initial goal and the sweet Australian Shepherd's mom intends to donate the extra contributions to further cancer research in dogs.
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viral imgur thread about a cat with cancer turning 13 thumbnail includes two pictures of a calm looking cat '"She lost a front leg to cancer in 2017 and I found a similar tumor in her other front leg. Thankfully, it's not growing as fast and doesn't seem to bother her as much... Happy birthday Goobs!" - ReluctantGenius'

Three-Legged Senior Cat That Has Cancer Celebrates 13th B-day (Viral Thread)

Such a strong kitty <3
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story of a cancer survivor giving a puppy to a cancer patient thumbnail includes one picture of a boy sitting on the floor with a goldendoodle puppy in his lap

Cancer Survivor's 'Wish' For A Puppy Comes True

6-year-old cancer survivor gives a puppy to another cancer patient
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Dog Owner Thanks Vet School For Saving His Dog's Life With a Multi millions Super Bowl Ad | cute golden retriever wearing a red bandanna around its neck being led on a leash down a hall

Dog Owner Thanks Vet School For Saving His Dog's Life With a Multi millions Super Bowl Ad

Special Super Bowl Ad
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dogs that have beaten cancer | cute scruffy dog wearing a sign around its neck AFTER 24 WEEKS CHEMOTHERAPY aM cancER FREE! cute brown pittie with a sign that reads am PitBull Mix ONLY thing Ive EVER attacked CANCER, and I WON!

Great News For The New Year: These Brave Dogs Have Beaten Cancer

Dogs that have beaten cancer
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treatment hospital cancer lion - 8356869

Lion Has Radiation Treatment For Skin Cancer At a Private Human Hospital In Africa

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3d 3D printing skull replace cancer - 6805765

3D-Printing Technology Was Used To Replace The Skull Of a Dog With Cancer

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smell dog videos cancer body Video - 92774913

Did You Know Dogs Can Smell Cancer?

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instagram marine happy ending cancer road trip - 861189

Marine Takes His Beloved Labrador on a Farewell Trip Across the Country After She's Diagnosed With Cancer

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Woman With Cancer Finds Loving Home for Her Aussie Posse After Public Plea

woman with cancer finds new home for her dogs
Via Kathleen Zuidema
medicine cancer amazing Video - 59901697

Max the Dog Detected Cancer Where Doctors Could Not

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Photo of the Day: Giraffe Kisses Terminally Ill Caretaker Goodbye

animals cancer photos giraffes Sad zoo - 8116012800
Via wensenrijders
awesome cancer Cats stories therapy Video win - 40372481

Animal Videos: Cat Immersion Therapy at Seattle Children's Hospital

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cancer charity donations Video - 38844929

Animal Videos: Help Banjo the Dog Fight Cancer

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awareness Breast Cancer cancer Hall of Fame october ugs - 5328308736
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cancer charity race run Video - 21859329

VIDEO: Good Boy, Dozer!

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