I Can Has Cheezburger?


story about a calf found suckling milk from its dead mother getting rescued and loving hugs thumbnail includes two pictures including a calf being operated on and another of a calf hanging out with a person and other animals

Tiny Helpless Calf Gets Rescued And Learns How To Love Humans And Hugs

Now, there's nothing she loves more than hugs.
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story about a baby elephant that was hit by a motorcycle while crossing the road getting cpr and surviving as well as being returned to its mother thumbnail includes two pictures including a baby elephant lying on the road and receiving cpr and another of the baby elephant back with its mother

CPR Revives Baby Elephant, It Returns To Its Mother Safely

"When the baby elephant starting to move, I almost cried."
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pictures of cows with hearts on their fur thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a light brown cow with a heart on its forehead and another dark brown cow with a heart on its forehead

Cows With Hearts On Their Fur Spreading Some Love

Nature's way of giving us some much needed love
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orca Tahlequah calf mother animals heartwarming tearjerker heartbreaking animals motherhood baby aww life story news

Tahlequah, Orca Who Previously Lost Calf, Is A Mother Again

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orca Tahlequah calf pregnant heartbreaking heartwarming life killer whales mother motherhood sea

Orca Mother Who Pushed Dead Calf For 17 Days Is Pregnant Again

We wish her all the best
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moose calves alaska backyard facebook adorable cute baby animals aww peaceful

Adorable Moose And Her Two Calves Camp Out In A Backyard

So peaceful
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norway photography white reindeer rare calf baby animals aww cute | white baby reindeer with tiny horns in a snowy field

Wildlife Photographer Captures Rare White Baby Reindeer

Right out of a whimsical fairytale
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blind bison friendship love

Blind Bison Makes First Friend After Years Of Solitude

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calf orcas baby killer whales orca - 7561477

Baby Orca Spotted Off The Seattle Coast Brings Hope To The Beleaguered Orca Population

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calf zoo - 1169669

Meet the Handsome New Lesser Kudu Calf That Just Debuted at Zoo Basel

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calf rhino zoo Video - 83252225

Black Rhino Calf Makes His Debut at the Great Plains Zoo

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White Rhino Calf Makes His Debut at a Zoological Center in Tel Aviv

white rhino calf makes his debut at a zoological center in tel aviv
Via Shai Ben Naftali

8 Day Old White Rhino Calf

calf baby rhino - 8811118848
Via improteon

There's a New Moose Calf at the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

theres a new moose calf at the northwest trek wildlife park
Via NWTrek

Cute Little Calf

cute little calf
Via Desnate

Rhino Calf Makes Its Debut in France

rhino calf makes its debut in france
Via Zoo de Beauval
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