I Can Has Cheezburger?


Cake is alright, I guess...

cake birthday candles golden retriever hat bacon - 6656355840
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What Are You Waiting For? Eat It!

cake lizards birthday gross - 6713949952
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Well played...

cake birthday fire candle defense noms golden retriever - 6654001664
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cake birthday zoolander Movie captions Cats reference - 6552541952
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Squirrel Snack Attack

squirrel wedding cake - 6340393984
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I Has A Hotdog: Birthday Party

cake captions ice cream Party table what breed - 6497020160
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WIN!: Three Cat Moon WIN

cake cakes Cats moon snoopy weird what wtf - 6508265984
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Bunday: Easy Bake Bunny

baking bunny cake happy bunday rabbit - 4213440768
By tiastia

Doesn't understand the concept

birthday cake candles confused festive offering sacrifice - 6353064192
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There's a party fur dat!

birthday cake candles died fire Party - 6217646080
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Tattle Tail

cake mom mothers day puppy - 6194553088
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Daily Squee: It Ar Mai Birfday?!

birthday cake Hall of Fame hamster hamsters happy squee yay - 5972145920
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Meow Antoinette

cake cat food french lolcat nom - 6072021760
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Reader Squees: Happy Birthday, Wilbur!

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bunny cake food noms rabbit shocked - 6013190144
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Gimme Gimme Gimme Cake!

cake food Hall of Fame lick panda tongue window zoo - 5839554560
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