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7 TikToks about a rescued cat named Azula and her overcoming her anxiety | Thumbnail includes a cat in a bed, a cat sleeping, and a cat grooming itself 'The shelter had me sign papers saying she was extremely anxious and hated new places. This is day one. I think she likes me. Azula has been home for a week now and I can confirm this cat does not have anxiety.'

Woman Who Was Warned About Her Rescue Cat Being Extremely Anxious Begs To Differ

Shelters are stressful environments, of course she was anxious
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8 TikTok videos about a cage-free cat sanctuary in Minnesota | Thumbnail includes two screenshots from TikTok with a lot of cats 'This is your sign to visit our cage free sanctuary'

Cage-Free Cat Sanctuary Provides Refuge For Cats In Hopeless Situations

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20 photos of rats and their huge rat cage from Reddit | Thumbnail includes a picture of three rats and a big rat cage 'Ratopia!!<3, RAquariumT, EPIC RAT Kingdom!'

Ratopia: 20 Photos Of Rat Bliss And Their Kingdom

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story about a paralyzed rescue dog starting to walk again thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a dog in a wheelchair and another of the same dog being kissed by his adoptive mom

Paralyzed Dog Running Again After Being Rescued

A little miracle for a brighter day.
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escape puppy kitten cage play Video - 91026945

Kitten Escapes Cage to Play With Puppy

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special zoo in China

Welcome To The Zoo Where Humans Are Caged And Animals Roam Free

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cage orangutan monkey Video rescue - 86327553

This Orangutan Was Held In A Dark Wooden Box For 2 Years Before Finally Being Rescued

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i iz willun tuh tesfy gainst otha puppeh

cage crime grass puppy whatbreed - 1333203200
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doge instagram teeth cage shiba inu funny Video derp - 243975

Much Derp. So Teeth. Wow.

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You Pawmised

animals burger box cage caption Cats - 8800469248
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Some Fluffs Won't Be Contained

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This Is Such A Disappointment!

cat safe thought me cage hamster caption - 8747337728
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Cud a Team get Paid in Nip?

birds cage Cats - 8441022976
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Any How Many Bars Keep You in?

rats cage sarcasm - 7913074176
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Rage in a Cage

cute cage crate puppies squee - 8154065920
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So Many Options

lions people cage funny - 8036238080
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