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12 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people posted pictures of their cats' butts and tails | Thumbnail includes a picture of a tabby cat laying on a motorcycle seat with its legs spread out and a picture of a fluffy cat butt with a big black tail

12 Chonks With Junk In Their Trunks (Cat Butts)

Fluffy butts for serotonin purposes
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corgi butts leggings clothes etsy animals dogs booties | women modeling two pairs of leggings one blue and one black both with a print on the backside cartoon art corgi fluffy dog butt booty funny merch pet owners gifts

Corgi Butt Leggings Are A Real Thing

No animal booty is safe
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medieval paintings cats butts

Medieval Paintings Were Filled With Cats Licking Their Own Butts

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aww cute butts cute photos hamster - 8227845

We Can't Help But Share These Cute Photos Of Hamster Butts With You

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cute hamster butts that can't be unseen

15 Hamster Butts That Are Too Cute Not To See

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Butts Of The Animal Kingdom

butts illustration animals - 9116432640
Via Home and wild
a funny list of cats being stopped while cleaning themselves

25 Cats Who Were Rudely Interrupted While Cleaning Themselves

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Best Butties

best butties
Via sun_rea

Just Gotta Give A Little Nibble

gifs butts Cats - 8447550720
Created by JessicaJung

Lift The Tail Higher For Better Reception

puppy butts - 8487560448
Created by anselmbe
vine butts Video - 71082497

Fact: Dogs Like Butts

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When an Oinker Walks in with Pink Snout in Your Face

pig puns butts - 8467667200
See all captions Created by Booboo22

This Butt Isn't Fluffy Enough

cute baby animals bunny fluffy butt
Via mtmodi

A Little Harder to Scoot This Across the Carpet

Scoot butts trouble - 8289358592
See all captions Created by Unknown
butts science Video - 62966017

Ever Wonder Why Dogs Sniff Each Other's Butts? Here's the Answer!

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Not Quite What I Pictured...

Cats butts - 8262882816
Created by muriell
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